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The eCommerce industry as we all know is progressing at a rapid pace. Therefore, it becomes imperative to select the best parcel delivery firm and then to track it. The services of 17track in this regard deserve a special mention. Over the years, 17track has become the backbone of the majority of several eCommerce industries for its ability to track the parcels of multiple carriers at one place.

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Most Popular Trackings

USPS Tracking, UPS Tracking, FedEx Tracking, DHL Tracking, TNT Tracking, DPD Tracking and all other mojor international package tracking

17track – Steps to Track

As soon you load the home page of 17track.net, you will notice the17 tracker box. Here, you can enter up to 40 numbers per line and get to track all the details of your package including the carrier. For the sake of those, who are using the services of 17track for the first time, 17tracking provides a website instruction manual. This should make it very easy for them to use the package tracking system. For further clarifications, you can visit the 17track help center which has the “Frequently Asked Questions” section. This is going to clarify all your queries related to the package tracking.

You can expect to get different responses when you are using the 17 tracker. These are as follows:

Unable to Track: This response comes with an exclamation mark. If the carrier does not have any online tracking capability this message can come up. In such cases, you should get in touch with the carrier to know about the other tracking options. Again, in some cases, 17track may not be able to identify the carrier for a particular number. For this, you need to track the shipment manually.

Normal Tracking: This is symbolized by a green tick mark. This indicates that the carrier has accepted the package. All the relevant details and the tracking information have been processed. The tracking information should be visible soon.

Not Found: This notification appears with a question mark. There can be various reasons that lead to this response. The common reasons include the item is yet to be accepted by the carrier, the specific item is yet to be entered into the carrier’s system, you have entered a wrong tracking number and lastly, the shipment was posted ages ago, information related to it is no longer available.

Simultaneously, you can also get a series of “web errors”, the reasons for this is described elaborately in the help center of 17track.

Tracking Number Format

17track uses a combination of letters and digits. Here are some examples, LN328306902US, CP921694660HK, and RJ556381428CN.

17 Track Contact or Support Details

17track has provided a dedicated “Contact Us” page on their official website. You can get all your queries answered. Typically, the representatives of 17track.net respond within 1 business day. You can clear your doubts about your parcel or share some out of the box ideas with them. This particular page uses a drop-down list. You have the options of knowing about the way of receiving parcels, sending parcels, topics related to tracking, API, iframe and External call, tutorial and a different section for entering your suggestions or showing your interest to start a business collaboration. In case, you do not find your query listed you can send a mail to serv@17track.net for getting further clarifications.

17Track Support

The official address of 17track is not mentioned. However, you have the options of contacting them in several ways. You can contact them via their social accounts or by sending them an e-mail which has been already mentioned here earlier.

Track More Thank 400 carriers using 17track.net

At the present day, 17track has more than 400+ carriers. 17track fully understands the importance of timely delivery of shipments, therefore, they keep on adding new carriers on a daily basis. 17track.net also encourages eCommerce companies or individuals to introduce new carriers to them.

17track tracking has access to an enormous database. So, once you enter your tracking number, the system automatically scans all the possible sources. Once found, the results are presented in a pictorial form which makes it easier for the user to understand. In this way, you are saved from the ordeal to locate the addresses of the carrier’s website.

Since the operations of 17track are based worldwide, it supports more than 30 languages for the convenience of the customers. Soon, they are looking to add more languages and for this. 17track is inviting their esteemed customers to help them with translation services.

17track has an API but at the time being it is not offered for public use. However, the staffs of the company can be contacted if you need it.

17track also has an app for multiple platforms. Therefore, iPhone users can download the same from the iTunes store and the Android users can download the app from the Google Play store. With the help of this app, you can easily track your parcel easily anytime and anywhere.

About 17Track

The journey of 17track commenced in the year 2010. The name 17track has been taken from the Chinese origin which means “All Together”. Their name is aptly justified, as 17track gives you the convenience of tracking all the carriers at one place instead of visiting multiple carriers’ websites. Initially, the services of 17track.net started off as a postal carrier. Gradually, in a short span of time, it integrated hundreds of cross-border logistics providers.

The best thing is, you do not need to pay for using the services of 17track. Yet, they always provide dedicated services for their customers. The eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, WISH, etc rely on 17track and their services are also being used by several B2C platforms.

17track is constantly evolving and working to find new ways to improve the user experience. They realize the value of time, thus they are trying to come up with the best infrastructure to save precious time for their users when they are tracking the shipments. 17track in the last few years has managed to extend their coverage range up to 98.99% and are currently tracking more than 15 million numbers in a month, no doubt, these are pretty impressive figures. So, the next time you need to track your parcel, use the services of 17track and see the difference it makes.